Store Settings

We can mention branch details here. If you are having a single branch then you can enter details in admin login accordingly but if multi branches then you need to login to root there you can create multiple branches.
  • Branch Name: Name of the branch.
  • GST number: GST number of respected branch.
  • Primary Mobile Number: It is used in the “help” tab. Customers can contact you using this number.
  • Secondary Mobile Number: This number will be taken in WhatsApp redirection. Customers can contact you through WhatsApp on this number.
  • Contact email: The email address which you put here will be used as a contact email.
  • System email: Customer will receive an email notification by this mail id.
  • Shop address and location: Address of your branch.
  • Next available slot: You can mention after how long the next time slot should get available.
  • Slot allocation days: How many days are allocated for delivery.
  • Minimum order amount and Maximum order amount: You can mention the minimum and maximum amount to place an order. By default, the minimum will be zero and the maximum will be 1000.

Delivery slots will be allocated based on your inputs for how many days you will deliver the items.

If your branch got the holiday in middle for any reason then you can select the holiday check box and whatever note you mention in the note box will be shown to the user.

Welcome bonus: Once the user registers in app will get a welcome bonus. If you want you can disable this option.
There are two types of bonus can be given to the user they are,
1. Loyalty points: Given points will be added to the user account in app.
2. Wallet: The given amount will be added to wallet.

On the map you can select your branch location based on that latitude and Longitude will be taken.

For express delivery you can mention start time and end time.

Payments mode: We have cash on delivery, swipe on delivery, online payment, wallet , Loyalty, UPI and sodedxo payments mode.  Whatever payments mode you select here can be used for the user to do payment.

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