CSV Upload

Product Upload

We can add products in two ways.
1. Manually – products -> manage products -> create products

2. bulk upload through CSV.- products -> import/export product -> download csv data -> edit and save the changes -> upload the saved csv file.

Please note at least one product needs to be added manually to understand the fields in the CSV file better.

Item Name: Name of the product.

Status – Notifies on the item status.
1 is active
0 is inactive

Type: Notifies on product type

Standard – In general, we can set product type to standard
Fish and Meat can be considered to the type of Fish, Meat
Offer Product – Products which are included for Buy one Get one offer section

Subcategory and Brand id – subcategory and brand ids of respected items to be entered. We get these details in the admin panel [ manage products -> categories & Brands]

Please see each product should have brand ids, if the product doesn’t come under any brand means you can create a brand with the app name and set it to the respected items. Products don’t load in the app if they don’t have brand id’s

Item price: item price is the price for 1 kg, if the product is a single SKU then the item price needs to be mentioned and the value is the same for all its variations.

If it is multi SKU we can ignore this field and can keep 0


Delivery Duration – slot based delivery from the drop down in the panel or mention slot in the CSV data.

Sales Tax:
Stock type:

Single SKU (type -1) – if you select a single SKU then its variants’ price depends on the percentage of the price you enter for 1 kg.

Stock shares equally within its variations

Example -> vegetables, meats

Multi SKU (type – 0) – each variants price and stocks can be given separately

Example -> personal care products

variation name: let’s say onion is the “item name ” then 500 gram, 250 gram, and 1kg are its variations. we need to put 500, 250, and 1 under the “variation name” field and gram, kg, or any units under the “weight unit” field.

MRP – the price of the item
Discounted price – discounted price to be given here
Membership price – if any user purchases a membership plan, then the user could be able to place an order using the price mentioned here on respected products
Cost per item – it doesn’t show on the customer app, used only to calculate the profit reports in the panel. The actual cost of the item when the client buys it.

discount price
cost per item
membership price

Stock notify/Alert – notifies on out of stock in both app and panel. let’s say you have set it to 5 for an item and the item stock quantity is 100. when item count reaches 95 you will get notified in out of stocks tab(analytics -> out of stocks). also, customers can see the “out of stock” label on that product.

Item priority –  the lesser value of the item gets the higher priority. if you want any item to come at the top then you need to set its priority to 0,[ could be set in ascending order]

Gross weight: for single SKU products gross weight could be 0.5 for 500 grams, 0.25 for 250grams, and 1 for 1kg.
For multi SKU we can keep 0

Net weight can be 0 for all the items. We don’t consider the value

Eligible for express Delivery : 0  -> yes
                                                   1 – > No